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School of Business and Management

Professor Gulnur Muradoglu


Professor of Finance

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 6929
Room Number: Room 4.01, Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus



Director of the Behavioural Finance Working Group

She has worked as the Director of PhD Programme for Cass Business School, as Director of MSc Finance for Manchester Business School and as assistant and associate professor respectively for Bilkent University. 

Professor Muradoglu has been at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania as a Fulbrighter and at Warwick Business School as a Visiting Fellow. She is Co-Editor of the journal Review of Behavioural Finance.

Gulnur is currently doing research on behavioural finance and emerging markets and has been an Associate Editor of European Journal of Finance, Journal of International Financial Markets Institutions and Money, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade and Frontiers of Finance and Economics. Further, Gulnur has been on the Editorial Boards of the journals Comparative Economic Systems, International Journal of Behavioural Accounting and Finance, and Qualitative Research in Financial Markets. 

She also founded the Behavioural Finance Working Group and has co-chaired its annual conferences. She has organised and chaired the 11th Multinational Finance Society Meeting in Istanbul in 2004 and the EWGFM Conference in London in 2008. 

Gulnur has published more than forty articles in various journals including The Journal of Banking and Finance, European Journal of Financial Management, Journal of International Financial Markets Institutions and Money, European Journal of Finance, The Journal of Behavioural Finance, Journal of Economics and Business, Journal of International Business, Multinational Finance Journal, Applied Financial Economics, Developing Economies, European Journal of Operational Research, Journal of Forecasting, International Journal of Forecasting, and Emerging Markets Finance and Trade.

Postgraduate Teaching

  • Behavioural Finance and Decision Making (BUSM085)


Research Interests:

Professor Muradoglu’s main research interests include issues in behavioural finance with emphasis on financial crisis, corporate leverage and finance professional’s behaviour. Currently her research concentrates on, group decision making and biases in finance, determinants and implications of corporate leverage in financial integration and during financial crisis. She also works on the financial crisis with a view to measure the impact of various agencies in crisis resolution.  


Recent selected publications: 

  •  “Home Bias in Foreign Direct Investments”, Levis, M., Muradoglu, G., Vasileva, K. Forthcoming, European Journal of Finance.
  • “Foreign Debt Usage in Non-Financial Firms: A Horserace Between Economic and Balance Sheet Exposure Hedging”, Aabo, T., Hansen, M. and Muradoglu, G., European Financial Management, 2015, 21590-611.
  • "Stock market Returns and Shipping Freight Market Information: Yet another puzzle”, Alizadeh, A., Muradoglu, G., Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, 2014, 33, 445-461.
  • “Investor Wealth, The IMF, and the Asian Crisis” Kutan, A. and Muradoglu, G., International Review of Financial Analysis, May 2014, 33, 130-137
  • “European Integration and Corporate Financing”, Onay, C. Muradoglu, Y. Phylaktis, K., International Review of Financial Analysis, May 2014, 33, 138-157.
  • “Portfolio Diversification Individual Investors”, Fuertes, AM., Muradoglu, G, Ozturkkal, B. European Journal of Finance. April 2014, 499-523.
  • “Behavioural Finance: The Role of Psychological Factors in Financial Decisions”, Muradoglu, G., Harvey N, Review of Behavioural Finance, 2012, 4(2), 68 - 80.
  • “Capital Structure and Abnormal Returns”, Muradoglu G, Sivaprasad, S., International Business Review, 2012, 21(3) 328-341.
  • “The Impact of IMF announcements on Real versus Financial Sector Returns during the Asian Crisis”, Kutan, A., and Muradoglu, G. Journal of Banking and Finance. 2012, 36/1, p.164-182.
  • “Using Firm Level Leverage as an Investment Strategy”, Muradoglu, G., Sivaprasad, S., Journal of Forecasting, 2012, 31, 260–279.
  • “Financial Distress Resolution in China - Two Case Studies”, Kam A., Citron D., Muradoglu, G. Qualitative Research in Financial Markets. 2010, 2/2, p.46-79.
  • “The Banking and Financial Crisis of 2008: What is real and what is behavioural?, Muradoglu, G., Qualitative Research in Financial Markets, 2010, 2/1, p.1-15.
  • “What can behavioural Finance teach us about finance?” DeBondt, W., Forbes, W., Hamalainen, P., Muradoglu, G. Qualitative Research in Financial Markets, 2010, 2/1, p.29-36.
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  • "Trends in Market Reactions: Stock Dividends and Rights Offerings at ISE". European Journal of Finance. 2003, 9/1, 41-60, Muradoglu, G., Aydogan, K.
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  • "Turkish Stock Market: Anomalies and Profit Opportunities". Security Market Imperfections in Worldwide Equity Markets. Cambridge University Press. (ed. Keim, D., Ziemba, W.). 2000, 364-390. Muradoglu, G.


Current Doctoral Students

First Supervisor: 

  • Bayan Alsedais, 'A comprehensive understanding of Zero-leverage firms: causes and consequences'
  • Shafaq Malik
  • Jiaxin Wang
  • Rukaiyat Yusuf

Second supervisor: 

  • Duanjinyu Yin