School of Business and Management

Dr Stella Ladi


Senior Lecturer in Public Management

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 6987
Room Number: Room 3.44g, Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus

Postgraduate Teaching

Global Governance & International Organisations (BUSM068)


Research Interests:

  • Public policy and public administration reforms 
  • Europeanization, globalization, transnational administration and global public policy, the Eurozone crisis
  • The role of experts in public policy


Books and Special Journal Editions:

  • Stone, D. and Ladi, S. (eds.), (2015), Global Policy and Transnational Administration, Special issue in Public Administration (forthcoming)
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Journal Articles: 

Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals:           

  • Ladi, S., Lazarou, E. and Hauck, J. (2017). Brazilian think tanks and the rise of austerity discourse. Policy and Society, pp.1-21.
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Chapters in Edited Books:

  • Ladi, S. and Graziano, P. (2014), “‘Fast-Forward’ Europeanization: Welfare State Reform in Light of the Eurozone Crisis”, in Coman, R., Kostera, Th. and Tomini, L. (eds.), Europeanization and EU Integration: From Incremental to Structural Change?, Basingstoke: Palgrave: 108-126.
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Encyclopedia Entries:

  • Ladi, S. (2011), “Think-Tanks” in B. Badie, D. Birg-Schlosser and L. Morlino (eds.), International Encyclopedia of Political Science, London: Sage.

Working Papers-Studies: 

  • Ladi, S. (2015), “Is it true that the Public Sector in Greece is unduly large?”, Crisis Observatory, Athens: Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (in Greek).
  • Ladi S. (2012), “The Eurozone Crisis and Austerity Politics: A Trigger for Administrative Reform in Greece?” GreeSE Paper No 57, Hellenic Observatory, LSE .
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  • Ladi, S. and Ruso-Dragoumis, E. (2007), Study on Institutional Renewal and Good Governance in BSEC Member-States. Athens: ICBSS.  
  • Ladi, S. (2006), “Globalization and Europeanization: Analysing Change” Working Paper at IBEI (1 ref.)
  • Ladi, S. and Pop, D. (2005), Approaches to Measuring Capacity and Capacity-Building for Policy Research, Budapest: Center for Policy Studies, Central European University.


Current Doctoral Students:

Joint supervision - Dimitra Panagiotatou. Investigating the relationship between EU Cohesion Policy and Euroscepticism: An exploratory qualitative analysis of selected EU regions (with Martin Laffin)

2nd Supervisor - Razvan Hoinaru. Accounting modelling in financial reporting management: laws against numbers.  IFRS and GAAP standards (co-supervised with Colin Haslam).

Public Engagement

Media work: