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Dr Maria Koumenta


Lecturer in Human Resource Management

Telephone: +44 (0)207 882 6925
Room Number: Mile End, Francis Bancroft Building, Room 4.25C


Student drop-in and feedback hours
Tuesday 1–3pm

Alumni Engagement Coordinator
Third Year Academic Advisor

Undergraduate Teaching

Postgraduate Teaching

  • International Reward Management (BUSM049)
  • Dissertation for International Human Resource Management & Employment Relations (BUSM102)
  • Continued Professional Development workshops for MSc International Human Resource Management and Employment Relations (BUSM126)


Research Interests:

Maria’s research activities are in the fields of labour economics and labour market policy. Her work explores the characteristics and prevalence of various forms of occupational regulation, analyses their impact on labour market outcomes such as wages, skills, employment and migration, and compares it to other labour market institutions such as unionism. She has been involved in various projects funded by the UK government and the European Commission on occupational regulation. Her most recent work funded by the UK’s Department for Business Innovation and Skills produced estimates of the incidence of occupational regulation in the EU and explored the links between regulation and labour movement, as well the impact of licensing on labour migration to the UK, while previous work funded by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills investigated occupational regulation in the UK and its economic impact. She is currently working with the European Commission on the design of an EU-wide survey of occupational regulationMaria is further interested in pay and payment systems, skills and public sector labour market policy.

Maria was awarded her PhD from the LSE where she also worked as a researcher at the Centre for Economic Performance (Labour Markets Group) and a teaching fellow at the Employment Relations Department). Prior to joining Queen Mary, Maria was a lecturer at Cardiff University.


  • Koumenta, M. (forthcoming) Public Service Motivation and Organizational Citizenship: The Bright Side and the Dark Side, Public Money and Management.
  • Koumenta, M., Humphris, A., Kleiner, M. and Pagliero, M. (2014) Occupational Regulation in the UK and EU: Prevalence and Labour Market Impact, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, London
  • Koumenta, M. and Sevilla, A. (2014) The High Cost of High Pay: An Analysis of Within Establishment Pay Inequality in the UK, London: The High Pay Centre
  • Sangmook, K., Vandenabeele, W., Wright, B.E. Andersen, L., Cerase, F., Christensen, K., Koumenta, M., Leisink, P., Liu, B., Palidauskaite, J., Pedersen, L. Perry, J., Taylor, J., (2013). Investigating the structure and meaning of public service motivation across populations: developing an international instrument and addressing issues of measurement invariance. Journal of Public Administration Theory and Research, 23(1), pp. 79-102.
  • Bryson, A., Forth, J., Humphris, A., Kleiner, M. and Koumenta, M. (2011) A Review of Occupational Regulation and its Impact, UK Commission for Employment and Skills, London
  • Humphris, A., Kleiner, M. and Koumenta, M, (2011) Occupational Regulation in the UK and the US: Issues and Policy Implications, in Marden, D. (ed.) Employment in the Lean Years: Policy and prospects for the next decade, Oxford University Press
  • Koumenta, M. (2011) ‘Modernisation, Privatisation and the Public Sector Ethos’, in Marden, D. (ed.) Employment in the Lean Years: Policy and prospects for the next decade, Oxford University Press

PhD Supervision

Current Doctoral Students
2nd Supervisor - Esther Arenas-Arroyo