School of Business and Management

Dr Emm Johnstone


Head of Administration

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 3159
Room Number: FB: 4.15


  • Works with the HoS in the development of the School’s strategy and in preparing strategy/policy papers/business cases for Management Committee
  • Lead role in advising on operational feasibility and its financial sustainability including the Planning Accountability Reviews (PAR)
  • Manage and sustain key relationships with the Faculty and PS Departments
  • Manage the administrative support staff, setting the overall direction and line-management of staff, workload management and career development
  • Develop and manage variety of projects
  • Continuously improve the administrative systems and procedures in the context of a developing and growing School
  • Maintain and support personnel and finance policies
  • Manage the space and facilities management programme for the School
  • Delegated responsibility for health and safety working practices of staff
  • Represent the School on committees and working groups within the University/Faculty