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School of Business and Management

Roxana Gutiérrez-Romero


Reader in Quantitative Methods and Policy

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 8414
Room Number: Room 3.33, Francis Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus


Student drop-in and feedback hours
Mondays 14:00 - 15:00pm and 18:00 - 19:00pm


My research analyses how to overcome the most significant barriers to development. I have a PhD in Economics from the University of Cambridge (King’s College) and joined Queen Mary in September 2015.

I am also member of the Oxford-LSE research networks Improving Institutions for pro-poor Growth (iiG), Economics of Inequality and Poverty Analysis (EQUALITAS), director of Economic Development and Impact Evaluation (EDIE) network, and founding member of the Equity and Development Research Group (EDReG).

Previously, I taught and held research positions at the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford and the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. My research has been published among others in Journal of Conflict Resolution, World Development, Journal of Development Studies, Development Policy Review, Journal of Economic Geography, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, Public Money and Management.

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Postgraduate Teaching

BUSM073: Economics for Development

BUSM112: Applied Empirical Methods


Research Interests:

My research analyses how to overcome the main constraints to development. I am particularly interested in three of these barriers:

  • Violent conflict
  • The persistent effects of inequalities in wealth
  • Poor economic governance

My fields of interests are Development Economics, Political Economy and Applied Economics.


Gutiérrez-Romero, Roxana. 2021. Inequality, persistence of the informal economy, and club convergence, World Development

Gutiérrez-Romero, Roxana. 2021. How does inequality affect long-run growth? Cross-industry, cross-country evidence, Economic Modelling

Gutiérrez-Romero, Roxana, and Ahamed, Mostak. 2021. COVID-19 response needs to broaden financial inclusion to curb the rise in poverty, World Development

Birch Sarah, Buril Fernanda, Cheeseman Nic, Clark Alistair, Darnolf Staffan, Dodsworth  Susan, Garber Larry, Gutiérrez-Romero Roxana, Hollstein Tanja, James Toby S., Mohan Vasu and Sawyer Koffi. 2020. How to hold elections safely and democratically during the COVID-19 pandemic, The British Academy

Gutiérrez-Romero, Roxana, and LeBas, Adrienne. 2020. Does electoral violence affect vote choice and willingness to vote? Conjoint analysis of a vignette experiment, Journal of Peace Research

Gutiérrez-Romero R. and Oviedo M. The good the bad and the ugly: The socio-economic impact of drug cartels and their violence in Mexico, Journal of Economic Geography, forthcoming.

Gutiérrez-Romero R. and Méndez-Errico, L. (2017) Does inequality foster or hinder the growth of entrepreneurship in the long run? Research on Economic Inequality, 25, forthcoming.

2016. Estimating the impact of Mexican drug cartels and drug-related homicides on crime and perceptions of safety. Journal of Economic Geography, 16:(4)

2014. An Inquiry into the Use of Illegal Electoral Practices and Effects of Political Violence and Vote-Buying, Journal of Conflict Resolution, 58:8.

2013. To What Extent Did Ethnicity and Economic Issues Matter in the 2007 Kenyan Elections, Development Policy Review, 31:3.

2013. Decentralization, Accountability and the 2007 MPs Elections in Kenya, Journal of Development Studies, 49:1.

2012. Triggers and Characteristics of the 2007 Kenyan Electoral Violence, World Development, 40:4. (with S. Dercon)

2011. “Elections and institutions in Kenya”, in Adam, C. Collier, P. (Eds.) Kenya Policies for Prosperity. Oxford University Press (with Collier, P. and Kimenyi, M.).

2010. To what extent does deprivation affect the performance of English local authorities? Journal of International Review of Administrative Sciences, 76:1. (with Haubrich, D. and McLean, I). Winner of the Best Article by IRAS Journal and Sage Editorial. Reprinted in Chinese Mandarin and also:

2009. Estimating the impact of England’s area-based intervention “New Deal for Communities” on employment. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 39:3.

2008. Evaluating England’s ‘New Deal for Communities’ programme, Journal of Economic Geography, 8:6. (with Noble, M.)

2008. The limitations of performance assessments of 2008. The public bodies: the case of deprivation as an environmental constraint on English local government, Environmental and Planning C: Government and Policy, 26:4. (with Haubrich, D and Mclean, I).

2008. “Encouraging entrepreneurship among young people: Evidence and challenges in Europe” in Neumaier, O., Schweiger, G. Sedmak, C. (Eds.): Perspectives on Work. Munster etc: LIT Verlag.

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2007. “The impact of England’s New Deal for Communities on worklessness” in Social Policy and Regional Development in Europe, The Institute of Economics Zagreb, Croatia. (with Noble M. and Covizzi, I.)

Selected Published Government Research Reports

2009. Leaving Benefits Behind II: Labour market transitions of workless people in Wales 1999-2005. The Welsh Assembly Government, UK. (with Anttila, C., Griggs, J., McLennan, D., Noble, M.)

2008. Developing Small Area Measures on Fear of Crime: a feasibility study. Department for Communities and Local Government, UK. (with Withworth, A., McLennan, D., Noble M.)

2007. Narrowing the Gap? Modelling the NDC Programme impact on pupil attainment and worklessness at individual level and resultant policy implications. Department for Communities and Local Government, UK. (with Wilkinson, K.)

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2006. Evaluating & the Impact of the Neighbourhood Management Programme on Worklessness, Baseline Report. Research Report 26, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, UK. (with McLennan, D., Antilla, C., Mason, D., Wilkinson, K., Mokhar, C, Dibben, C., Smith, G., Noble, M. )

2005. Worklessness in New Deal for Communities Areas: Findings from phase 1 of the National Evaluation. Research report for the National NDC Evaluation, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, UK. (with Noble, M., Antilla C. McLennan D., Covizzi I., Mason D., Wilkinson K.)

2005. The child support grant: A Sub-provincial analysis of eligibility and take up in January 2004. National Department of Social Development, South Africa. (with Noble, M., Wright, G., Barnes, H., Noble, S., Ntshongwana, P., McLennan D., D. Avenell)


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