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School of Business and Management

Professor Alexander Leischnig


Visiting Professor of Marketing



Alexander Leischnig is a Visiting Professor of Marketing in the School of Business and Management. He joined Queen Mary University of London in September 2017 and is currently is Chair Professor of Business-to-Business Marketing at Technische Universität Freiberg. Previously, he had academic positions at University of Bamberg and Freiberg University of Technology in Germany. Alexander’s research interests are in the areas of alliance management, relationship management and business digitisation and cover topics of both business-to-business marketing and business-to-consumer marketing. Currently he is also a Visiting Professor at universities in Germany and Switzerland. Alexander is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science. In addition, he collaborates with business partners from different industries, such as manufacturing, online, retail, and service industries, on a number of marketing and management topics.


Research Interests:

  • Alliance management
  • Sales management
  • Relationship management
  • Business digitisation



Recent journal articles:

  • Thornton, S., Henneberg, S., Leischnig, A., & Naude, P. (2019). It’s in the mix: How firms configure resource mobilization for new product success. Journal of Product Innovation Management, forthcoming
  • Leischnig, A., & Geigenmüller, A. (2019). Examining alliance management capabilities in university-industry collaboration. Journal of Technology Transfer, forthcoming.
  • Leischnig, A., & Geigenmüller, A. (2018). When does alliance proactiveness matter to market performance?. Industrial Marketing Management, 74, 79-88 .
  • Ivens, B. S., Leischnig, A., Pardo, C., & Niersbach, B. (2018). Key account management as a firm capability. Industrial Marketing Management, 74, 39-49.
  • Leischnig, A., Kasper-Brauer, K., & Thornton, S. (2018). Spotlight on customization: An analysis of necessity and sufficiency in services. Journal of Business Research, 89, 385-390.