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School of Business and Management

Shauna Kotecha


Digital Communications Officer



The Digital Communications Officer is a member of the Professional Services team in the School of Business and Management, responsible for the effective delivery of a range of digital media and communications activities and to support the School’s strategic priorities and objectives. 

Shauna delivers high level of professional support for website management, digital and social media communications. She maintains a strong digital media presence for the School, across a range of platforms, including CMS, CRM and social media and ensure the School’s digital communications efforts are aligned with the University and School brand narratives and resonate with a range of stakeholders. She is responsible for creating and implementing the School’s social media strategy.

She creates digital campaigns for promotional use on the website and social media platforms and measures and reports on campaign impact to inform decision-making. She produces content for a range of purposes and platforms within the School and collaborate with the central PR team to promote stories for external publication. She develops digital resources for University and School staff to represent and promote the School’s profile, activities and objectives.

The Digital Communications Officer is part of the Marketing and Recruitment Team and is line managed by the Marketing Manager.