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School of Business and Management

Alicia George


Events Officer



The Events Officer is a member of the Professional Services team in the School of Business and Management, responsible for the effective management and delivery of public engagement-relationship activities. They deliver high level and professional support in the areas of event management, executive education activities and for Research Centres/Groups to develop research engagement and impact.

Alicia is responsible for organising and advertising School conferences, seminars and workshops in liaison with academic staff, and suggesting and deciding on which events take place internally and externally. She coordinates event activities with central Professional Services (Room Bookings, Catering, AV support, publicity etc.,) and liaises with the Events Office in relation to the School’s external activities including inaugural lectures and other such public events. She coordinates the School's participation in the graduation ceremonies and is responsible for organising the Summer School event activities (academic and social). 

The Events Officer creates event-conference related information, enhancing the School’s social media strategy via the website, blogs and podcasts etc. She also organises and supports the school's away days and training sessions. She is works with the School Manager, Student Engagement Manager and School's Steering Group to run the welcome week and organises the timetable for this. 

A list of upcoming and previous events can be found here on the School's Events Pages

If you would like to suggest, host, or be involved with one of our events in the School of Business and Management please contact Alicia at