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School of Business and Management

Ciara Byrne


UG Quality Assurance and Programme Manager (Interim)



The UG Quality Assurance and Programme Manager is an administrative support staff member in the School of Business and Management, responsible for control-management of professional support to the Undergraduate programmes with emphasis on continuously improving and optimising the programme operations.

They manage and oversee the student administration and retention, supporting the work of the academic Programme Directors, developing data driven problem identification solutions to enhance the student-academic cycle of activities from enrolment through to graduation. They coordinate and support the UG team’s work and work closely with the school’s Exam Board Chair and with the Associate Dean (Education), the Teaching and Learning Manager, School Manager and the Student Engagement Manager.

Ciara supports the work of the UG Programme Director and processes programme management improvements with Programme Directors. She oversees the UG timetabling, module registration, assessment offences and student attendance monitoring. She is responsible for producing the UG content for the school's module directory and student handbook.

She sits on the the Teaching and Learning Committee providing quality assurance procedural guidance for changes to programme specifications and module amendments and on the UG School Examination Boards and EC committees.

The UG Manager is responsible for providing administrative support for accreditations held by the school's undergraduate programmes and manages information on the school's study abroad, Erasmus and exchange programmes. 

She line manages the UG Team which consist of the UG Programme Administrator (Year 1), UG Programme Administrator (Year 2), UG Programme Administrator (Final Year), UG Programme Administrator (Joint Honours).

The UG Quality Assurance and Programme Manager, and the UG Team, are part of the Teaching and Learning Team which is lead by the Teaching and Learning Manager


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