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School of Business and Management

Dr Athanasia Kalaitzi


Quantitative Skills Tutor



The Quantitative Skills Tutor works closely with the Teaching Services Team and the Student Engagement Manager, with particular emphasis on delivering group in-sessional and pre-sessional workshops on research methods and data analysis, and providing drop-in and one-to-one sessions on quantitative skills for undergraduate and post graduate taught students. They also supports research students new to using specialist software for statistical analysis. They work alongside the Student Support Officer and an Academic Writing Tutor, referring students to these colleagues for additional support where this is necessary.

Athanasia organises and runs Research Methods and Data Analysis workshops for PG students on quantitative programmes. She develops and delivers workshops for UG students covering data analysis, databases and the use of statistical software. She provides 1-2-1 and drop in quantitative support sessions with UG and PG students.

The Quantitative Skill Tutor sits in the Student Engagemenet Team under the Student Engagement Manager.