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School of Business and Management

UG Programme Administrator (Year 1)

UG Programme Administrator



The UG Programme Administrator is a professional support staff member in the School of Business and Management, responsible for delivering administrative support for the taught programmes, engaging with students, academic Module Organisers, teaching teams and Programme Directors.

The UG Programme Administrator (Year 1) supports Year 1 (Level 4) Business and Management undergraduate students. They monitor and respond to student attendance, student engagement and coordinates module registration. As UG Programmes Administrator they process student coursework, marks, exam papers, resit and 1st sit examinations and organises EC related assessment.

They support Lecturers teaching on level 4 modules, providing administration for modules, QMplus, module outlines and assessment offences. Programme admin staff assist at meetings of the Staff Student Liaison Committee, at School Exam Boards, and of the School’s Teaching Groups, to support improvements in programme delivery.

The UG Programme Administrator (Year 1) sits in the UG Programmes’ Team under the UG Quality Assurance and Programmes Manager.

Year 1 (Level 4) SBM students can contact the UG Programme Administrator (Year 1) at