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School of Business and Management

Dr Sianne Gordon-Wilson


Lecturer in Marketing and Communications



Dr Sianne Gordon-Wilson is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Marketing. She has previously worked as a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Portsmouth.

Sianne is an Associate Editor for Journal of Consumer Behaviour. She has published using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods. Her research areas look at a consumer perspective of sustainability, specifically sustainable consumption, sustainable behaviour and sustainable messaging, and consumer behaviour/psychology.

Sianne has published in the Journal of Hospitality Management and Psychology & Marketing, amongst others.



  • BUSM207: Network and Influencer Marketing
  • BUSM209: Advertising and Media Strategies


Research Interests:

Sianne’s research approach is interdisciplinary, drawing on marketing, management, and psychology. Her research adopts a consumer perspective by looking at how consumer behaviour is affected by sustainability, consumption, personality traits and external events.

Sianne’s current research interests include:

  • Consumer behaviour/psychology
  • Sustainable behaviour
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Sustainable messages

Sianne is an Associate Editor for Journal of Consumer Behaviour and she is on the Editorial Review Board for International Journal of Consumer Studies.  She is also a member of the British Academy of Management (BAM) Peer Review College, along with being an ad-hoc reviewer for International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Marketing Management, and  Psychology & Marketing, amongst others.

In 2021, Sianne won funding from the Academy of Marketing Research Funding to research different elements (e.g. animated, anthropomorphic and verbal) of recycling messages. In 2022, she won funding for ‘Hibah PUTI Q1 2022’ from the University of Indonesia, to work on an international collaboration project exploring courses of life events and compulsive buying.


Gordon-Wilson, S., Modi, P., & Eastman, J. (2022). Values, Personality Traits, and Packaging-Free Shopping: A Mixed-Method Approach. Business Ethics, the Environment and Responsibility. Online in February 2022. (international collaboration).

Gordon-Wilson, S. (2021). An exploration of the substitutions of British pub consumers during the COVID-19 crisis. International Journal of Hospitality Management (3ABS), 96.  Online in May 2021.

Gordon-Wilson, S. (2021). Consumption Practices during the COVID-19 Crisis. International Journal of Consumer Studies. Online in April 2021.

Iyer, R., Eastman, J., Eastman, K., Gordon-Wilson, S., & Modi, S. (2020). Reaching the Price Conscious Consumer: The Impact of Personality, Generational Cohort and Social Media Use.  Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 20, 4, 898-912 (international collaboration).

Eastman, J., Modi, P. and Gordon-Wilson, S. (2020). The impact of future time perspective and personality on the sustainable behaviours of seniors. Journal of Consumer Policy, 43, 275-294 (international collaboration).

Ekinci, Y., Gordon-Wilson, S., & Slade, A., (2020). An exploration of entrepreneurs’ identities and business growth. Business Horizons, 63, 3, 391-401.

Vigla, G., Tassiello, V., Gordon-Wilson, S. and Grazzini, L. (2019). Predicting consumers’ cheating behavior. The role of mental representation of goods and psychological ownership. Journal of Psychology & Marketing, 36 , 11 (November), 1039-1045.

Gordon-Wilson, S. and Modi, P. (2015). Personality and older consumers’ green behaviour in the UK, Futures, 71, 1-10.


Sianne is open to enquiries from PhD students focusing on the broad areas of sustainable consumption, sustainable messaging, ethical marketing and consumer behaviour.

Public Engagement

Sianne is the Co-Communications Director for the Marketing Ethnic Faculty Association (MEFA), a professional body that supports the needs of minority (e.g. Black, Hispanic, Native American) marketing academics, researchers and practitioners.


Sianne is a member of the ‘Academy of Marketing’, ‘British Academy of Management’ and ‘UKRI’s Early Career Researcher Forum.’


Sianne is a member of the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS), Racial Equality Action Group (REAG).  This is a working group that meets to discuss several issues around race equality with regards to business schools and the CABS.

Public Awards

  • International Journal of Consumer Studies’ Reviewer of the Year (2021), voted by the journal’s Associate Editors.
  • Journal of Consumer Behaviour Reviewer of the Year (2020), voted by the journal’s Associate Editors.


Sianne’s research has been featured in iNews , The Telegraph, and Yahoo.

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