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School of Business and Management

Dr Adèle Gruen


Programme Director for MSc Marketing and Digital Communications; Lecturer in Marketing

Twitter: @Adelegruen


Adèle Gruen is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Marketing at the School of Business and Management. She is the Programme Director for MSc Marketing and Digital Communications. Previously, Adèle worked at Goldsmiths, University of London, and at Université Paris-Dauphine (France).

Adèle is a qualitative researcher whose interests are grounded in consumer culture. Her research explores the boundaries between consumption and work in new ways of working, co-working spaces, and productive third places (i.e., cafés or pubs that attract flexible knowledge workers for the day). She also looks at sharing-economy services (such as car-sharing) and how they build relationships with consumers through attachment and trust. Her research has been published in the Journal of Service Research and the Journal of Marketing Management.



  • Digital Economy, Big Data and Platformization
  • Consumer and Digital Cultures


Research Interests:

  • Consumption and work in new ways of working (co-working spaces, third places, flexible working)
  • Sharing economy and access-based consumption (car-sharing)
  • New forms of intimacy and digital intimacy

Adèle’s interests are grounded in consumer culture and service research, using primarily qualitative research.

She explores the boundaries between consumption and work within new ways of working. In recent years and especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, new trends in the world of work such as flexible or remote work have blurred professional and private life, impacting places, objects, and relationships. Within this new world of work, the distinction between consumers and workers is to be redefined. With Laetitia Mimoun, Adèle has published work in the 2021 Journal of Service Research, which discussed the rise of customer-workers, i.e., flexible knowledge workers who work from third places such as cafés or pubs. Third places adapt to this rising customer segment, designing their servicescape and tailoring their offers to them. In another project, she studies how co-working space members consume work for experiential and status benefits, advancing that work has become an object of consumption in late modernity.

Co-working spaces are part of the sharing economy, where Adèle’s second research path progresses. Her doctoral dissertation looked at the relationship of appropriation that takes place between consumers and accessed objects and places (such as cars in car-sharing, and co-working spaces). She looked at how the design of cars helps car-sharing customers develop attachment with the cars and a sense of identity with the service. In another project, she and her co-authors studied the tactics that access-based service providers in emerging markets should implement to develop trust with their customers.


Peer-reviewed articles

Laetitia Mimoun and Adèle Gruen (2021) Customers’ Work Practices and the Productive Third Place, Journal of Service Research,

Campana, Mario, Adèle Gruen, and Luciana Velloso (2020) Doing the Dirty Work for the Sharing Economy: Building Trust With Consumers in Emerging Markets, NA-Advances in Consumer Research, Volume 48.

Adèle Gruen (2017) Design and the Creation of Meaningful Consumption Practices in Access-Based Consumption, Journal of Marketing Management, 33 (3-4), 226-243.

Adèle Gruen and Denis Darpy (2015) The Role of design in the Appropriation of Shared objects: Autolib’ in Paris, NA-Advances in Consumer Research, Volume 43.


Book chapters

Adèle Gruen and Laetitia Mimoun (2019) Guest, Friend or Colleague? Unpacking Relationship Norms in Collaborative Workplaces. In Handbook of the Sharing Economy. Edited by Russell W. Belk, Giana M. Eckhardt and Fleura Bardhi. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Adèle Gruen (2015) Drivers of Diversity in Consumers’ Aesthetic Response to Product Design. In Design Thinking, New Product Development Essentials from the PDMA. Edited by Luchs M., Swan S and Griffin A. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey.


Most recent conference papers

Gruen A., and Mimoun, L. (2022) Liquid Intimacy, Interpretive Consumer Research Workshop, Liverpool, UK, June 8-9.

Lynch, C. and Gruen, A. (2021) Power and Resistance: British Ethnocentric Consumers’ Resistance to Domestic Cosmopolitanism in Brands, European Marketing Academy Conference, Online, May 26-28.

Campana, M., Gruen, A., and Velloso, L. (2020) Doing the Grunt Work for the Sharing Economy: Building Trust with Consumers in Emerging Markets, NA- ACR Conference, Competitive Paper, Online, October 1-4.

Mimoun, L. and Gruen, A. (2020) Consumer Experience of Working from Third Places, Association for Consumer Research Conference, Working Paper, Online, October 1-4.

Mimoun, L. and Gruen, A. (2019) Hominess and Domesticity in Work-Related Marketplace Experiences, Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Montreal, Canada, July 19-21.

Gruen, A. and Bardhi, F (2018) Work as Experience: Consumption and Work in Coworking, special session “Consumption and Work in the 21st Century”, Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Odense, Denmark, June 28-30.

Gruen, A. (2017) Consumption at Work: The Case of Coworking, 46th European Marketing Academy Conference, Groningen, Netherlands, May 23-26.


Doctoral thesis

Adèle Gruen (2017) Understanding Consumer Appropriation in Access-Based Consumption as The Creation of Meanings: An Investigation Through Design (Doctoral Dissertation) Paris Sciences et Lettres, Université Paris-Dauphine, available at

Centre and Group Membership:

Member of the Marketing Interactions & Consumer Behaviour Group (MICB)


Adèle is open to PhD applications that fall within her research interests or within the following topics:

  • Consumption and work, new ways of working
  • Digital consumer culture and practices
  • Home/work boundaries, work from home
  • New forms of intimacy/digital intimacy and gender
  • Sharing economy, car-sharing
  • Consumer culture and design
  • Consumer culture

Public Engagement

Professional affiliations:

European Marketing Academy, Consumer Culture Theory Consortium, Association Française de Marketing, RGCS, Alcor, Association for Consumer Research.


Adèle is a member of the International College of the Association Française de Marketing, developing connections and awareness of French marketing research in the UK.

Adèle is a member of the Alternative Consumption Research Group, and helps with organising monthly reading groups.

Adèle is the London Coordinator of the Research Group on Collaborative Spaces. She was part of the organising committee of the 2nd RGCS Symposium, London, 2018.

Adèle is an ad-hoc reviewer for the Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Marketing Management, Association for Consumer Research Conferences, and Routledge textbooks.


Adèle’s research has been featured in the Evening Standard as well as in Bayes Business School and Goldsmiths press activity.

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