School of Business and Management

Research Seminar: Pride / Shame in Gay and Lesbian Parented Families on Holiday

11 December 2019

Time: 1:00 - 2:00pm
Speaker: Dr Rodrigo Lucena
Venue: Frances Bancroft Building, 4.04/4.08

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This seminar offers unique contributions to knowledge. It demonstrates how gay and lesbian parents’ somewhat paradoxical relationship with their sexualities informs their families’ travel choices. It adds to knowledge about the influence of pride / shame in tourism studies and highlights these families’ desire to reinforce their ‘averageness’ rather than difference in relation to more ‘conventional’ families. This finding is key to tourism businesses and practitioners that aim to cater for this market segment.


The decreased homophobia towards lesbians and gays in several Western countries has fostered a rise in families parented by lesbians and gays. Like their heterosexual counterparts, same-sex parented families go on holiday together. Yet, their holiday choices have been largely overlooked in research. This study helps to fill this gap in knowledge. Findings from qualitative interviews indicate that, on family holidays, gay and lesbian parents often minimise the role of sexuality, which, nonetheless, impacts on destination avoidance. Additionally, sexuality-related shame can cause same-sex parents to shun social interaction and / or gay-centred spaces whilst on holiday.

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