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Paid studies in the Behavioural Research Lab

The Behavioural Research Lab in the School of Business and Management is always looking for more participants. It is a fun way to get involved in our research - and you get paid too.

Student partaking in paid study

We run a large variety of studies on social, psychological, financial and environmental issues. If you sign up, you will receive invitations for studies by email. You can choose if and when to participate to fit your own schedule. Everyone who is 18 years or older is welcome!

What you get:

  • Between £2 and £15 per study, depending on the duration (usually between 10 minutes and one hour)
  • You learn about the research conducted at QMUL and make a contribution to science!

How it works:

Whenever we have a study lined up, you will receive an invitation via email. You can then decide whether to take part or not, and if you decide to take part choose a time slot that works for you. You then come in at your chosen slot, take part in a computer study, and get paid in cash directly afterwards.

All studies take place in the Francis Bancroft Building, room 3.43 (Mile End Campus). 


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