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School of Business and Management

About us

The School of Business and Management runs its own lab for experimental research. It offers researchers the opportunity to enrich their theoretical research with empirical data. For participants, taking part in studies in the lab is a way to be introduced to a large array of research topics within the social sciences, learn about the practicalities of empirical research, and contribute to science. 

Research topics studied in the lab include, but are not limited to: consumer psychology, decision making, charitable giving, ethics and sustainability. 

The Behavioural Research Lab is located in the Frances Bancroft Building, room 3.43. 

The Lab is mainly associated with the Marketing Interactions & Consumer Behaviour Group, but we encourage academics and postgraduate students from all SBM research centres to make use of our facilities and expertise. 

We also have international collaborations with universities and research institutes around the world, such as the University of Padova (Italy), University of Verona (Italy), Linköping University (Sweden), Ben-Gurion University (Israel), WU Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria), University of Klagenfurt (Austria), University of Oregon (USA), Decision Research (USA) and the University of Alabama (USA).


Lab co-director: Dr. Stephan Dickert

Dr Stephan Dickert

Lab co-director: Dr. Eric Levy

Research assistant: Rachael Millard

Paid studies

Students can get involved by participating in paid research studies. Find out more here.