School of Business and Management

Structure of the Degree

Year 1: In the first year you are introduced to all methodological approaches and the knowledge and skill required to complete your research. QMUL and the School of Business and Management have established an ESRC Doctoral Training Centre as well as gain recognition from ESRC for the programme. Year 1 Researchers are expected to undertake taught workshops in qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Year 2: the second year is spent perfecting your research skills as well as starting your research. Here is when you will identify key areas for your research area and begin to collect data that may be of relevance to you.

Year 3: The third year is used to analyse the data you gathered in year 2 and making a start on writing your thesis. These are both supported by research training that you will continually receive research training, which will not only equip you to do your write up and analysis but will also prepare you for post-doctoral life, whether in academia or beyond. Should you be ready to submit your thesis your supervisors will support you to meet the deadlines

Year 4: A fourth year is available should you need extra time to complete your write up. Please note that studentships only last for three years, take a look at our funding page for more information.

At the end of your write up your thesis is submitted to the Research Degrees Office at Queen Mary. A PhD is awarded following the successful defence of your thesis at viva. The PhD is examined by two examiners (one from the University of London, one from another University) appointed in consultation between you and your supervisors and approved by Queen Mary’s Research Degrees Office

Part-time study

We welcome applications from PhD students intending to study on a part-time basis where the nature of the research makes this feasible. The normal period of study is extended to a minimum of four years and a maximum of seven, and tuition fees are half of full-time fees. We do not offer a distance learning programme, and students are expected to be resident in London during the course of their PhD.

It should be noted that the School of Business and Management does not allow full-time PhD students to do paid work of more than six hours per week.