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School of Business and Management

Identifying a PhD Topic and Supervisor

At Queen Mary, you will work with two supervisors who together will provide you with clear guidance and support throughout your studies. The School’s academic staff will provide expert supervision as well as pastoral support for students throughout the course of their research, writing-up and eventual thesis submission. Your supervisors will also closely advise and prepare you for the formal progression meeting that takes place after 9-12 months of research.

Before applying for a PhD in the School, there are a number of questions you need to consider. Most important amongst these are:

  1. Does your proposed PhD topic fit within the broader research interests of the School?
  2. Does the School include members of staff with specialist expertise in your chosen area of research?

If you think your proposed PhD fits within the broad interests of the School, the next step is to identify a member of academic staff who may be able to supervise you, and who can help you develop your research proposal. You can do this by viewing the individual research interests listed on our staff pages and viewing the Research Centre pages.