School of Business and Management

BUSM058 Understanding Consumer Behaviour

BUSM058 Understanding Consumer Behaviour


1 (2017/18)

Module Organiser

Dr Danae Manika 


Building on a general understanding of marketing, this course develops a useful, conceptual understanding of psychological theories relevant to the study of consumer behaviour. We start with an overview of the scope of consumer behaviour and its relationship to marketing but also public policy making. Subsequently, we will focus on cognitive and affective processes that drive consumer behaviour. Once an understanding of the basic psychological processes has been gained we will look at various factors that are able to influence these processes. Particular attention is paid to how marketing practice influences consumer perception, evaluation, and behaviour. Throughout the module real world hands-on exercises will facilitate understanding and transferability of contents.

Learning outcomes

• introduce students to major psychological concepts that are relevant for understanding consumer behaviour;
• make students aware of the interdisciplinary nature of marketing and to promote critical awareness of and interest in consumer behaviour;
• enable students to appraise marketing practice from a psychological perspective;
• enable students to look across disciplinary borders in pursuit of practical or research interests;
• enable students to relate and apply theoretical insights to concrete marketing and communication strategy;
• improve students ability in analysing case studies, brainstorming, and communicating ideas; and
• prepare students for their final MA project/dissertation


60% Exam and 40% Essay