School of Business and Management

BUSM095 Social and Political Marketing


2 (2017/18)

Module organiser

Professor Nicholas O'Shaughnessy


This module is a critical review of the application of marketing for social and political purposes. It charts a progress from moderate and admissible practices to the application of marketing in the most extreme causes imaginable; some would even say the use of the term marketing was illegitimate, that we are dealing in fact with propaganda. Essentially then our concern is with the usage and abuse of marketing to change our world, for better or worse. Our perspective is that marketing is a dynamic tool and a potent agent of change that can civilise or de-civilise society. The claim is that marketing has shaped, and continues to shape, the culture we live in to-day

The module explores five major themes. Collectively they cover the universe of social/civic/ political persuasion via methods of partial commercial derivation. These themes are analysed both via descriptive approaches, case studies and theoretical constructs: Cause marketing (single-issue groups); Civic marketing (health and safety campaigns etc); Party political marketing - Selling Barack Obama Abuse of marketing - selling war A theory of propaganda and persuasion: myth, symbolism, rhetoric.


100% Coursework: 70% Project (5000 words), 20% Group Presentation, 10% presentation transcript