School of Business and Management

BUSM140 Managing Under Regulation


2 (2017/18)



Module organiser

Professor Perri 6


Module overview

This qualitative module introduces students to the management skills, frameworks, challenges, imperatives, organisational and inter-organisational processes involved in operating in an industry under regulation. All industries are regulated by generic regulators for health and safety, environment, information privacy, accounting standards, patenting, equality and diversity including physical access, etc; there are sector-specific regulators for financial services, utilities, transport, pharmaceuticals, health care, education, airlines, railways, food standards, print and broadcast media, primary extraction, gambling and many others. This module enables students who will become managers to understand their regulators, what inspectors do and want, how far they can legitimately lobby regulators, and how to operate across many countries each with their own national regulatory systems. 


60% examination and 40% coursework

Indicative reading list



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Key journals

  • Regulation and governance
  • Governance
  • Strategic management
  • Law and policy

Other resources: professional bodies for compliance and regulatory affairs professionals