School of Business and Management

BUSM116 Management Control


1 (2017/18)

Module organiser

Dr Nick Tsitsianis

Module overview

In this module  students would be expected to understand the evolution of management control in relation to:  the nature of corporate governance and the importance of resource stewardship. Corporate governance is concerned with the stewardship of resources and risk management techniques. This module will cover the nature of corporate governance and obligations of managers to manage resources, controls costs and returns on investment whilst taking into account risks

  • Governance as resource stewardship
  • Types of budgeting process
  • Business planning/forecasts
  • Variance analysis and cost control
  • Allocation of capital and investment analysis
  • Demands for shareholder value and control metrics
  • Risk management /analysis

The broad aims of this module are

a] To appreciate how corporate governance has broadly evolved over recent decades
b] Understand the central aspects of resource stewardships
c] Evaluate and critically appraise the use of planning and forecasting
d] How costs are managed and controlled
e] The pressure to deliver/secure a return on capital
e] The impact of risk on the planning and resource stewardship function


60% exam, 40% coursework