School of Business and Management

BUSM111 Management Consulting


2 (2017/18)



Module organiser

Dr Doyin Atewologun

Module overview

This module will explain various theoretical approaches used to explain what management consultancy is, the variety and types of consulting firms and the markets they serve. We will examine a range of approaches to consultancy as a process of diagnosing management and organisational problems, designing implementing and evaluating organisational interventions. We will examine studies of some of these interventions and case studies we will examine how consultants present their knowledge and expertise, the claims they make for its efficacy and the role of ethics in this. We will examine and explore different kinds of organisational context where management consultancy has been used: firms, public institutions, voluntary organisations and other organisational forms. We will also practise skills critical for consultancy such as diagnosis, intergroup facilitation and evaluation.


40% coursework and 60% examination