School of Business and Management

Technologies in the Workplace (BUS223)

Semester: A
Level: 5
Module code: BUS223
Module organiser: Dr Manuela Perrotta

Module Overview

This module explores the (inter)relationship between technology, work and organisations. The module considers several important transformations that have arisen in contemporary workplaces as a result of the introduction and use of new technologies. Though the focus of this module is on technologies in the workplace, it concentrates on the social and organisational implications pertaining to the nature and use of technologies in work and organisations, not the technology per se. The module presents, explains and illustrates the key concepts that are relevant to mainstream and critical analysis of the role of technology in contemporary workplaces.

The module has a strong case study focus. We will examine studies of some technologies in use and the ways in which they configure and interact with users.  Each theme is developed in relation to insights into specific cases, so as to gain an in-depth understanding of technologies in use, to explore the challenges that the introduction and use of new technologies may pose in organisations, and to consider the scope for management action. In keeping with the theme of the module, this will include analysing case studies during the seminars. The aim of this is to develop techniques, methods of analysis and research expertise that can be applied to a variety of real world settings.

Indicative Reading List 

  • New Technology @ Work, Paul Boreham, Rachel Parker, Paul Thompson and Richard Hall, published by Routledge, 2008


  • Examination 60%
  • Coursework 40%