School of Business and Management

International Marketing (BUS227)

Semester: B
Level: 5
Module code: BUS227
Module organiser: To be confirmed

Module overview

International marketing requires leaving behind the assumptions of the domestic market. Firms frequently struggle to adapt to the social and economic practices that shape markets outside their sphere of experience. Firms' internationalisation also can influence the nature of those practices (for better and for worse). This module examines they nature of the problems and theory that guides developing solutions.


  • 40% Coursework
  • 60% Examination

Indicative reading list

  • Javalgi, Rajshekhar G & White, D. Steven (2002) Strategic Challenges for the Marketing of Services Internationally. International Marketing Review, 19(6), 563-581.
  • Malhotra, Naresh K, Ulgado, Francis M & Agarwal, James (2003) Internationalization and Entry Modes: A Multitheoretical Framework and Research Propositions. Journal of International Marketing, 11(4), 1-31.
  • Sheth, Jagdish N (2001) From International to Integrated Marketing. Journal of Business Research, 51(1), 5-9.
  • Solberg, Carl Arthur (2002) The Perennial Issue of Adaptation or Standardisation of International Marketing Communications: Organisational Contingencies and Performance. Journal of International Marketing, 10(3), 1-21.