School of Business and Management

Global Supply Chains (BUS326)

Semester: A
Level: 6
Module code: BUS326
Module organiser: Dr Elena Baglioni

Module Overview

Global Supply Chains is a level 6 module offered to third year students of the BSc Business Management (NN12). The module investigates companies’ outsourcing strategies, i.e. the growing practice of parcelling out, delegating, or purchasing at least part of their activities from foreign suppliers, whether dependent or independent actors. The main focus is on primary sectors, namely energy, agriculture, non-energy minerals, and forestry/fisheries. It critically examines what value creating activities firms tend to outsource, how, why and to whom, and the relative implications. Outsourcing strategies are understood in a wider international context as characterised by multiple players, in particular global institutions, global private players, states, consumers, trade unions and social movements. For the analysis of global supply chains the module explores and applies different mainstream and non-mainstream theoretical frameworks from different disciplines, namely global supply chain management (business studies) and global value/commodity chains (economic sociology, development studies, economic geography).


  • Examination 70%
  • Essay 30%

Reading List

  • There is no main text book. Students are required to use a variety of materials and recommended texts available via QMPlus as well as most book referred to in the reading list in the module outline Logistics, the supply chain, and Competitive Strategy, Christopher, M. 2011.