School of Business and Management

Gender, Management and Leadership (BUS327)

Semester: B
Level: 6
Module code: BUS327
Pre-requisite: BUS305 Managing Diversity 
Module organiser: Dr Tessa Wright

Module Overview

This module examines how gender impacts on management and leadership roles, resulting in men and women’s differential participation in senior positions in the private and public sectors and in different national contexts. It considers theoretical explanations and empirical evidence concerning the gendered, ethnicised and sexualised assumptions underlying perceptions of management style; changing notions of work-life balance;  occupational segregation; access to networking and professional development opportunities. The module critically examines strategies for addressing gender imbalance in management and leadership and debates contemporary policy proposals.


  • Coursework 100%

Reading List

  • There is no main text book. Students are required to use a variety of materials and recommended texts available via QMPlus as well as most book referred to in the reading list in the module outline.