School of Business and Management

Ethics and Business (BUS212)

Semester: B
Level: 5
Module code: BUS212
Module Organiser: Dr Amit Rai

Module Overview

This module introduces students to different understandings of ethics and how business and ethics relate in practice. Early and contemporary approaches to ethics are introduced and applied to analyses of a selection of cases. These are organized around three main issues affecting business and society today: the environment, labour, and knowledge. Among the themes covered are: value, rationality, self-interest, self-love, utilitarianism, rights, growth, wealth, sustainability, dignity, etc.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the module, students will:

- be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of different approaches to ethics and the main ways they are related to the place of business in society;  
- have developed the ability to critically appraise the role of ethics; to consider    the significance of difference ethical principle for Business decisions and practices; and to compare the possible ways in which decisions and actions informed by each principle may impact society;  
- have developed and had the change to apply critical skills that will enable them: to evaluate the significance and consequences of ethical principles, to interpret divergent views on controversial issues, and to identify and solve ethical problems.


Coursework: Essay (1000 words) 30%
Coursework: Essay (2500 words) 50%
Presentation 20%