School of Business and Management

Economics for Business and Society (BUS108)

Semester: A
Level: 4
Module code: BUS108
Module organiser: Professor Pedro Martins

Module overview

This module introduces the most relevant concepts of micro- and macro-economics. We will consider the perspectives of consumers, individual businesses and society. Our focus is on the insights of economics for business decision making. The first part of the module (on microeconomics) will cover supply and demand, elasticities, firm behavior, pricing and market structures, and market failures. The second part (on macroeconomics) will include aggregate demand and aggregate supply, inequality, unemployment, inflation and fiscal, monetary and supply-side policies, the latter focusing on the case of the labour market.


  • Examination 60%
  • Mid-term test 40%

Reading List

  • Mankiw, N. G.; Taylor, M. P. and Ashwin, A. (2013) “Business Economics”, Cengage Learning.