School of Business and Management

Corporate Social Responsibility (BUS313)

Semester: B
Level: 6
Module code: BUS313
Module organiser: Dr Sadhvi Dar

Module Overview

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is an area of management practice and theory that is becoming increasingly important for both academics and managers to consider. It is an area of corporate self-regulation that integrates sustainability into the business model. 'Greening' waste management, reducing the corporation's carbon footprint and protecting the rights of workers, are all aspects of CSR management that corporations are involved in and voluntarily self-regulate. However, corporations are powerful private entities that seek to maximise profits for their shareholders. Can corporations be held accountable for environmental damage, if their primary aim is to maximise profits at whatever costs? Can corporations be trusted to curtail their impact on society in a liberalised market where competition and commercial gain is the only means by which corporations remain sustainable? In this module, these complex questions will be analysed through the lens of business ethics and a comprehensive discussion of sustainability.


  • Examination 100%