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School of Business and Management

Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Grant Awarded to Dr Manuela Perrotta

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Dr Manuela Perrotta, Lecturer in Technology and Organisation at the School of Business and Management, was recently successful in her application for a Research Enrichment grant from the Wellcome Trust. The value of this award is just over £130,000 and will be specifically targeted towards enabling further public engagement activities that emerge from the Remaking the Human Body project.


Public engagement activities are scheduled to start in mid-2019 and will be organised in collaboration with the Progress Educational Trust, the Life Sciences Initiative and The Centre for Public Engagement at Queen Mary, amongst others. 


The overarching aim of these activities is to create and encourage new opportunities for conversation among IVF professionals, patients and interest groups, in the hope of fostering a deeper mutual understanding of differing perspectives and experience. With the enrichment grant the research team are excited to fully develop public engagement as a strong and distinctive element of the project.