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School of Business and Management

Success for SBM at the QMSU Education awards

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We are pleased to announce the success of SBM at the recent QMSU Education awards on Friday14 March. The awards were a well deserved recognition of the outstanding contributions made by teaching and support staff at Queen Mary. A huge congratulations to all those involved. 

Staff awards:
Innovative Teaching Award - Danae Manika 
PG Teacher of the Year - Eranjan Padumadasa
Support Staff of the Year - Lorna Ireland  

Student awards:
Gold Contribution Course Representative was awarded to Marketing Course reps. Camille Marina Brochant De Villiers  and Pahal Nopani  
Contribution Course Representative was awarded to International Financial Management rep. Agnieszka Pietkiewicz and Management rep. Ingrid Elle

QMSU Education Awards