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School of Business and Management

School of Business and Management launches Year in Industry programmes

The School of Business and Management has created an opportunity for their undergraduates to get a head start in their careers while they study, by spending a year of their programme working within the industry of their chosen subject.

Buildings in London

Buildings in the City of London

Students will benefit from a year in industry on two of the undergraduate courses offered within the school, these include:

This unique opportunity will allow students to spend the third year of their degree on an industrial placement in a role relevant to their field of study.

In turn their degree programme will last four years and after the placement students will come back to university for their final year of study.

Why a year in industry?

By pursing a year in industry students gain practical problem solving skills in a professional context, allowing them to add experience to their CV's before they graduate. Many students graduate with little work experience and the graduate market is becoming increasingly competitive, this opportuntity allows students to gain a competitive edge over their cohort.

There are some technical skills students cannot learn by simply sitting in a lecture, this hands-on placement year allows students to acquire real world skills.

A year in industry shows employers that students are career focussed because they took the initiative to pursue a year in industry.

This year can also guide students towards the right career path for them. Most students have no idea what they want to do after graduating, by experiencing a sector early on students are able to decide whether this path suites them.



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