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SBM Professor's research for International Monetary Fund published

SBM Professor of Applied Economics Pedro Martins' research was published by the International Monetary Fund in its flagship publication, the World Economic Outlook 2016.

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Professor Martins’s input appears in the box on "Reforming Collective-Bargaining Systems to Achieve High and Stable Employment", including evidence on the employment effects of collective bargaining extensions. This is part of Chapter 3 of the World Economic Outlook, "Time for a Supply-Side Boost? Macroeconomic Effects of Labour and Product Market Reforms".

The chapter also cites other research by Professor Martins, including a paper that is available at the SBM Centre for Globalisation Research website.

Professor Martins visited the Research Department of the IMF in Washington DC in August and September 2015 to conduct part of his research.

The IMF's World Economic Outlook is a leading world economics and finance publication.