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School of Business and Management

SBM hosts entrepreneurship panel to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week

Last week, the School of Business and Management hosted a panel of 4 local entrepreneurs to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week.

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The panellists included Christopher Kenna, CEO and Co-Founder of Brand Advance, Amro Emara, COO and Co-Founder of uLeague, Yasmin Desai, Product and Strategy Manager at Hubble and Dil Hussain, CEO and Co-Founder of the Dines App.

The panel focused on topics such as the entrepreneurial journey, dealing with uncertainty, types of digital and social ventures/business models, and how universities can support future innovators and entrepreneurs.

When asked “Can university prepare you for the challenges an entrepreneur faces?”, Emara replied: “I think universities can support their students with practical elements of customer research. Unfortunately a lot of start-ups fail, especially digital ventures…you need to make sure you’re developing something that people want.”

Desai, a QMUL alum from the School of Economics and Finance, stated “You are quite lucky being at Queen Mary; they have a strong entrepreneurial initiative.”

Hussain’s advice for students was to share their ideas instead of keeping them quiet in fear that someone else would steal it. Kenna added “I would agree; don’t just say it, go do it.”

You can watch the full panel discussion here.