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School of Business and Management

Remaking the Human Body Project

Remaking the Human Body: Biomedical Imaging Technologies, Professional and Lay Visions is a project designed to investigate the relationship between biomedical imaging technologies and professional and lay visions.

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The project investigates the use of imaging technologies during IVF, as clinics often allow patients to see images of embryos at very early stages of development. These images and videos can then be taken home and shared with family and friends, and in some cases they can also end up in the public sphere. The aim of this research project includes an exploration of how biomedical images are received by the patients and caregivers involved. 

To deepen their understanding of how pateints and caregivers receive the biomedical images the research team headed up by Dr Manuela Perrotta, Lecturer in Technology and Organisation at QMUL’s School of Business and Management (SBM), Dr Anne-Sophie Giraud and Josie Alice Hamper also at QMUL's SBM attended the Fertility Show on 4- 5 November 2017 to talk to couples going through the IVF process.