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Publication of Dr Stella Ladi's CEEP report is proof of SBM's research impact

Last week saw the publication of the European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public Services (CEEP)’s final report [PDF 1,796KB] on managing change for the public sector, co-authored Dr Stella Ladi, the School’s Senior Lecturer in Public Management.

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Entitled Squaring the Circle – Innovations and Tools of Balancing Restructuring and Cost-saving with Longer-term Visions of Sustainable and High Quality Public Services, the report looks at the multifaceted challenges which EU public services are currently facing, in an era of austerity and heavy public service cuts across the continent.

This is the final report of the CEEP Project "Exchange of Practices between Leaders in Public Services", which comprised as its base training and mutual learning events for key public services stakeholders from across Europe, which were documented and then analysed by the researchers.

The report was co-written in conjunction with Eckhard Voss, Partner at wmp consult, and Raquel Rego, Research Fellow at SOCIUS-ISEG University of Lisbon.

Established in 1961, CEEP represents EU public employers and enterprises. It lobbies for public services, representing the interests of its members before the European institutions and is one of the three European cross-industry social partners.

Dr Ladi commented:

"Producing this report for CEEP was a very rewarding experience since it involved discussing and analysing the challenges that public services face across Europe with people directly involved in their design, restructuring and delivery in London, Lisbon, Nicosia, Athens and Brussels.

This is yet another great example of the impact that SBM’s research can have on policymakers at the highest level.

A pamphlet version [PDF 501KB] of the report has also been published.