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School of Business and Management

Project ReMAKE: 20 formerly incarcerated people graduate from entrepreneurship programme

group photo of participants

Graduating entrepreneurs pictured with Judge Kameel Khan and Dr Joanne Zhang (Queen Mary)

The School of Business and Management has celebrated 20 formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs by holding a graduation ceremony, following their successful completion of the Project ReMAKE Scheme.

Project ReMAKE, founded by Judge Kameel Khan, helps its trainees to develop business and entrepreneurship skills, with a view to help them return to work. Participants work with students from Queen Mary's School of Business and Management and School of Law, as well as business mentors, to formulate a business idea, create a business plan, and put together a pitch to investors.

Those who successfully complete the course are put forward for internships with Capita Plc.

The graduation ceremony provided an opportunity for the most recent cohort of students and trainees to meet project leaders in person, following the programme being moved online due to Covid-19.

Omar Mentesh, who took part in the programme, said: "Being somebody who has been a prisoner for over seven years, I’ve become used to being let down and led up the garden path. I’ve completed more courses than I’ve had hot dinners, but rarely had acccess to anything tangible to grasp onto."

Omar Mentesh holding his certificate of completion, alongside Dr Joanne Zhang and Judge Kameel Khan

"The mentors and speakers on Project ReMAKE were key to its success. They gave up their time to impart their knowledge onto us, but also allowed us to voice our own ideas and have them valued. ReMAKE has allowed me to see myself in a different light, open new doors, and to let go of the past, in exchange for the future."

International Relations with Business Management BA student Luce Biscardi said: "
This was my first time working with formerly incarcerated people. Since the very first individual meeting I had with my mentee, we created a respectful and successful relationship."

"I want to thank the organisers and the School of Business and Management for offering such an insightful and impactful opportunity, that changed my year and allowed me to channel my biggest purpose into a real project, that is probably going to have a strong impact on somebody’s life."

Those looking to get involved in Project ReMAKE can find out more on their website.



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