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PhD News - Jaume Martorell Cruz Essay Published in Barcelona based ThinkTank "Fundacio Josep Irla"

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Congratulations to Jaume Martorell Cruz, School of Business and Management PhD Researcher for getting his Essay Published in Barcelona based ThinkTank "Fundacio Josep Irla"

Essay can be found in pages 82 to 97 and under the title “La revolta contra el segle XXI (The rebellion against the 21st century)". The essay reviews different academic analysis that have tried to explain the electoral and socio-economic drivers behind the victory of the leave vote in UK European Referendum membership and the victory of Donald Trump. It concludes that we will be careful of not understanding these phenomena just as a reaction to neo-liberal economics, rising inequality, or more tolerant attitudes towards migrants and minorities but rather it represents a rejection of the different aspects of the 21st century as we have known it until know. It is a reaction against increasing economic inequality, which also views with suspicious new technological industries and cherishes old manufacturing base, it rejects the increasingly metropolitan stile of life that has characterized the last 17 years and puts front and centre the plight of decaying old industrial and rural areas, and it also rejects more tolerant attitudes towards the movement of people as well increasing freedom about sexual orientation. Furthermore, and perhaps more dangerous, is a rejection of the norms and pluralistic attitudes that sustain liberal democracies.

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