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School of Business and Management

My SBM Student Career by Nadim Ahmed


Nadim Ahmed is a 3rd year Accounting and Management student at the School of Business and Management (SBM).  His life-time aspiration was to attend Queen Mary university.   With this realised Nadim has ceased the opportunities that his studies and extra-curricular activities have provided within and beyond SBM.  As 2019 is now underway, Nadim reflects on his student experience and shares with us all what he has learned so far.  



As we have approached 2019, I cannot help but look back on everything that has been achieved by students and the School of Business Management at Queen Mary. Personally, one of the most memorable achievement for me was self-development through the virtue of my experiences at SBM and beyond.


At the beginning of 2018, I welcomed the opportunity to participate in the Qconsult programme; this developed my professional character and truthfully delivered my first exposure to the real world. More importantly, through this experience, I uncovered a true passion for mentoring and helping others; and I have partly pursued this ambition through the help of SBM.


Moving forward, I secured and completed a summer internship with accounting firm PwC. Unquestionably, this was a goal I truly hoped to achieve; it was made a reality with the efforts of the careers service and the knowledge provided by SBM. Following from this, I have been able to build key relationships and gain an invaluable insight into a field pursued by many students. This has allowed me to impart some advice and wisdom to my peers and it has been truly refreshing to see so many SBM students (and soon to be alumni) fulfil their ambitions and recognize their true potential.


Indeed, the biggest personal achievement for me was securing a full-time graduate offer and representing the school of business and management to prospective students. Looking to the future, my biggest goals are to graduate this summer and most-definitely return as an alumnus to help the school that has helped me so much. Additionally, I am also looking forward to beginning my training contract and working towards a highly respected and prominently recognized professional qualification.


I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some upcoming event and dates for the diary. Most notably, the Hatton Garden Job Fair (taking place on the 5th of April) is a career-focused event that will allow students to witness the vast array of amazing businesses scouting for the brightest and best talent. In addition, to any of those looking for graduate schemes, I would highly recommend utilising the following link below to make yourselves aware of graduate opportunities and their respective application deadlines.