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School of Business and Management

Meet Our Professors: The Inaugural Lecture of Gulnur Muradoglu

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12 December 2017

Time: 6:30 - 9:00pm
Venue: People's Palace, QMUL Mile End Campus

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Professor Gulnur Muradoglu inaugural lecture titled: ‘Smartest Guys in the Room’: Rational vs Behavioural Finance will explore and discuss ideas from psychology and sociology to get a better understanding and description on human behaviour in financial decision making.

The central paradigm in Finance, efficient market hypothesis (EMH) is thus challenged. The study of psychological biases that most humans possess or mental shortcuts are observed not only in daily lives but also in financial decision making, not only in men on the street but also among finance professionals. This approach leads to a better understanding of how and why crisis and panics occur thus leading to better financial regulation. Also, investors and market professionals need behavioral finance to be more aware of their own biases and de-bias themselves and be aware of other traders' biases to exploit them.

Join Gulnur and what will be a lively debate on behaviourial finance at this free lecture.  Book now.