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School of Business and Management

‘How to Win the US Presidency’ featuring Professor Nicholas O'Shaughnessy

Have you ever wondered what it takes to win the US Presidency? With the upcoming election battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and with the likelihood that the impact of this election will be felt far beyond American borders, the world is paying close attention to American politics.  

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‘How to Win the US Presidency’, a new documentary exploring the history of American presidential campaigns, sheds light on the influence of money, religion, family and celebrity in past election campaigns. Director Cal Saville chose to interview an exclusively British panel of experts, including Professor Nicholas O'Shaughnessy from the School of Business and Management at QMUL. Starting with America’s Founding Fathers who looked to the Roman Republic for inspiration, the documentary explores how election campaigns have evolved and embraced the use of mass media, new technology, and social media in more recent elections.

The documentary will be available on Netflix from Monday 1 August 2016.