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Habiba Abdelrahman, member of ET Collect – HULT Prize Winning Team – shares her experience


Taking part in the HULT Prize competition with ET Collect has been a truly life-changing experience. Our team of four all had one common goal, making a change in people’s lives. We initially knew very little about the HULT Prize, but when we heard about the opportunity, as aspiring entrepreneurs we knew we had to take a chance and come up with an idea.

Even though I didn’t know everyone in the team before deciding to join the competition, we have now become a family. Working together to achieve this goal that we believed was unachievable and having the support of my team, as well as the HULT Prize committee, was what made the experience have such an impact on me personally.

I still remember the adrenaline rush I got right before entering the pitching room and how this tripled when we were waiting for the results. My favourite part of the journey was that moment when we heard the announcement that we were the winning team and realising that all of our hard work had paid off, however, winning the first round at QMUL wouldn’t have been possible without our teamwork and passion; this is what we hold onto every day. We are currently working hard on developing our business plan for ET Collect and we can’t wait to compete in Oslo.

I would just like to tell anyone who has an idea that they believe is not good enough to take a chance and see where it can go. Even if it doesn’t succeed, at least you’ve gained the experience!