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School of Business and Management

ESRC Research Grant awarded to Dr Almudena Sevilla


We are pleased to announce that Dr Almudena Sevilla, Senior Lecturer in Economics at SBM, has recently been awarded £81,483 under the Economic and Social Research Council (ESCR)  call “Secondary Data Analysis Initiative Phase 1 (2012)”. 

Entitled 'Parental time investments in children across countries and over time: What are the implications for inequality?', the project will run between October 2012 and April 2014. The main objective will be to use high quality diary data on individual's activities matched to country-level institutional data for several industrialized countries to explore the relationship between parental education and parental time investments in children, how this relationship has changed over the last five decades, and the factors underlying these trends. Given the importance of parental time inputs for a child’s development (e.g., Leibowitz 1974; Datcher-Loury 1988; Hofferth and Sandberg 2001; Zick, Bryant, and Osterbacka 2001; Crosnoe and Trinitapoli 2008; Carneiro and Rodrigues 2009; Hsing 2009; Del Boca, Flinn, and Wiswall 2010), and the importance of intergenerational transmission of human capital in explaining children’s later life outcomes (Heckman, Stixrud, and Urzua 2006; Cunha and Heckman 2010), understanding how potential inequalities in children’s resources based on their parents’ educational levels are evolving is crucial from a child development perspective and for policies aimed at reducing inequality.