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Dr Ishani Chandrasekara wins 'The Best Paper' award at the Global Accounting and Organizational Change Conference 2010

The Best Paper Award at GOAC 2010
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The judges decided to award the 2010 Global Accounting and Organization Conference prize for the paper making the most substantial contribution to Critical Accounting Studies to Dr Ishani Chandrasekara.

Dr Chandrasekara’s paper, presented to the GAOC is entitled Ethno-Accounting: The Daily Accounting Practices of a Sinhalese Women’s Community in Sri Lanka. The judges felt the paper makes an exceptional contribution not only to subaltern studies but to the emerging field of ethno-accounting. The approach was not confined to the subaltern communities in its suggestion but to accounting research in general. The contribution of the paper overall is to create a new platform within the accounting discourse where Ethno-Accounting can receive serious consideration.