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Diversity, Ethnicity, Migration and Work: International Perspectives

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The contemporary relevance of Diversity, Ethnicity, Migration and Work is evident in debates on migration, racism and the global market in health care workers. This book is about work and workers in the health care sector across three continents and in particular the UK, the USA and Nigeria. The book engages with the politics of health care and offers important insights into inequalities in employment and health care. It is informed by current thinking on migration, ethnicity and work, including critical engagement with the literature on social diasporas, social networks, social processes, anti-racism and diversity management.

The authors provide an historical and global perspective before engaging deeply with the working experience of highly qualified international migrants and low paid migrant and minority workers. They provide unique cooperative and intersectional insights into the experience of migrant doctors compared to UK and US qualified doctors and deepen this understanding by an exploration of women doctors' experiences. The story of frontline low paid migrant and black minority ethnic workers is told drawing on social processes and the means of challenging inequalities through trade unions and social networks. The book concludes with a critical and comparative appraisal of diversity management strategies.