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School of Business and Management

Congratulations to our PASS student mentors

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On the 18th of March 2015, PASS student mentors were awarded Mentoring Certificates at the annual PASS ceremony organized by the College. The ceremony celebrated the enthusiasm and commitment of our 17 student volunteers who acted as mentors this year.

Barbara Nemethova won the Mentor of the year award. Warm congratulations go to this year’s outstanding Student Organizer – Rezwana Akther, and to the rest of the mentoring team: Ayse Yalinca, Lisha Joseph, Meet Kakkar, Josefine Carling, Helene Tislo, Rachel Bashabe, Anniken Brekke, James Morgan Walker, Matthew Phillips, Topsy Temitope, Linnea Egebjerg, Alexander Kombo, Ajmol Hussain, Adriana Minta and Nayela Azma.

PASS is a mentoring scheme launched last year by the School of Business and Management. PASS allows 1st year students to be mentored by 2nd and 3rd year students. Thanks to this scheme, first year students can simply drop by during weekly sessions and discuss with student mentors issues related to their academic work and university life.

The scheme is led by Dr Elena Doldor, PASS Academic Coordinator within the School of Business and Management.