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Confronting France’s Jihadis

In an article written for Project Syndicate, Brigitte Granville, Professor of International Economics and Economic Policy and Director of the Centre for Globalisation Research at QMUL, examines what prominent thinkers and commentators think is driving repeated terrorist attacks in France.

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Following a number of terrorist attacks in France, from the shooting at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, to this summer’s massacre by a 'jihadi' truck driver during the Bastille Day celebration in Nice, the question people in France are facing is: "what explains these assaults and what can end them".

This is the question that 'public intellectuals' such as Fawaz Gerges, Noëlle Lenoir, Bernard-Henri Lévy, and a number of other Project Syndicate commentators have all wrestled with, and one which isn't without its controversies.
Professor Granville rounds up a number of responses from these key figures, and also provides additional comment, highlighting the need to identify and address the true underlying causes of France's current predicament: "France doesn’t need fewer burkinis; it needs more jobs and better domestic intelligence".

The full article can be found online: Confronting France's Jihadis