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School of Business and Management

Challenges of Innovation in China Conference: a "big success" for SBM

The School of Business and Management successfully hosted the Asian Business and Management special issue conference last week on "Local Context and Challenges of Innovation in China". The conference invited keynote speakers and participants from China, the United Kingdom, India, the United States, Canada, Italy, Spain, and Netherlands.

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Dr Lutao Ning, Senior Lecturer in International Business, guest editor and conference organiser, was thrilled with the Conference's success:

"China’s economic success is intertwined with efforts to develop science and technology. The goal of this special issue conference has been to encourage research that can deepen our understanding of how China innovates in the rapidly changing international environment. The conference itself has provided a unique opportunity to bring scholars, businesspeople and policymakers together to exchange ideas and to promote innovation and collaboration."

Professor William J. Spence, Vice Principal (Research), Queen Mary University of London, highlighted the potential of future research and collaboration opportunities: 

"Increasing our understanding of and linking with innovation in China is a very important area for us from many points of view and we are keen to foster increased work in this area."

Professor Ping Zou, Director of the Confucius Institute, Queen Mary, and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, concluded: 

"Science and technology innovation is deeply embedded in Chinese culture and history. This academic conference has bought scholars from all over the world together to understand the unique way China innovates. I am very pleased to support the conference and to be a part of the conversation on Chinese innovation. I hope this can lead to further understanding of the mechanisms of innovation and bring benefits to China, Britain and the world."