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Business and Enterprise Society welcomes Facebook’s Head of Machine Learning

QMBES welcomed Dinkar Jain, Head of Machine Learning, Facebook Ads, for a lecture on how AI is reshaping today’s society.

7 November 2019

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Students at the Dinkar Jain lecture on AI and machine learning.

Last month, QMBES hosted a lecture by Dinkar Jain, Facebook’s Head of Machine Learning. The sold-out lecture focused on how AI and machine learning are disrupting and mutating traditional business frameworks, meaning that many management practices and frameworks need to be rethought. He also highlighted how all aspects of management, including accounting, finance, strategy, leadership, marketing, and economics, will likely evolve.

Speaking at the event, Dinkar said: 'I was very impressed to see that you all have such a deep interest in AI inside the Buisness and Enterprise clubs. One of the things we discussed today was that it is very important for a large number of people across professions to be fluent in machine learning and AI, and it is good to see that people are engaged with that topic.'

Dinkar, who works in Facebook’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, California, spent time chatting with students after the lecture, offering them an exclusive networking opportunity.

"It's been an honour for QMBES to collaborate with Facebook and bring Mr Dinkar Jain to Queen Mary, the leading expert of AI at Facebook, and one of the most influential people in the world for shaping a new future for businesses and society, through AI development. Our members have been thrilled about the insights of the talk, but they particularly appreciated Dinkar willingness to kindly answer all their questions during the networking session. It's been a great moment for our society where business and tech students successfully came together to share their thoughts about the future". – Davide, QMBES Head of Digital

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